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The Strip

This is a work in progress list of yachts designed by Carlo Sciarrelli. The numbering system reflects the one used by Carlo Sciarrelli on “the strip” (“la striscia” in Italian), a piece of paper taped together trough the years where all his designs were manually recorded. “*” marked yachts reflect Carlo’s own judgement of how much he liked this particular design (know in Italian as “barca con asterisco”, a yacht with asterisk). In total Sciarrelli designed about less than 140 boats.

If you are the owner of one of Sciarrelli designed yachts and you would like to contribute to see her recorded on this site or add to the current description, please get in contact using the form. Historical and contemporary photos and videos are particularly welcome!

You can write to me in English or Italian.

#136 – Orion

#135 – Despina/Istria/Nababbo

#134 – Angelica IV

#133* – Isabella

#85* – Serida I

#53 – Hwyl

#39* – Sagittario

#9* – Aethra

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