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Transfer before COVID-19 lockdown

Last winter Orion remained moored the full winter at her current slip in Izola, Slovenia. In the northern Adriatic during winter and early spring bora can blow hard, exceeding 80 knots or more for days. This is not a situation where boats can be left without supervision as fenders can be blown on deck or away or collapse. Mooring lines need also to be continuously checked.

Luckily COVID-19 did not hit Slovenia very hard in the first half of 2020 and the marina personnel were always present checking the boats and the moorings. Orion wintered there safely. A luck that other places like Italy did not have.

I did not want to push my luck too much this time round. In the last days of October I hastily decommissioned and transferred Orion from Slovenia to a yard in Italy to have her lifted and sheltered for winter. Just in time! A few days later the borders were closed and the transfer would have been much more difficult involving quarantine or days of isolation waiting for test results.

Here is the video of the transfer and an overview of Orion’s deck once inside the hangar.

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